That moment when you think you’ve finally sold out of a stupid minicomic you drew five years ago that you’re really embarrassed about and then you find a stack of like 50 more in a box under your bed. (ノ´ー`)ノ

No backstory, just a spontaneous sketch from my sketchbook.

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s just so much to be excited about on Valentine’s Day…candy and flowers and PINK GLITTER EVERYTHING oh man it’s just the best….
Bryan showed me a really cute game called “Fear Less!” (you can play it for free here) because I always get nightmares and the game is about a girl trying to outrun a nightmare. The art design was so cute I decided to do a fanart for it! The music is really good too! Give it a whirl! (・ω・`*)
Oh my god! I love you!!

♥(ノ´∀`) aw shucks thanks stranger!

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Sagittarius is one of those exasperating ‘double’ Sun Signs of duality. Half-horse, half-human. It’s the human end that’s truthful, the Horse end that sometimes stretches the truth a little. So it’s important to know which end of the Sagittarian Centaur you’re dealing with at any given time.
- Linda Goodman, Love Signs (1978)

a new style called “fuck it I’m not getting any younger and besides this rapidograph isn’t gonna use itself”
KIKI HALP. My friend and I wanna do a collab comic but we both wanna do writing and art. How do we go about this successfully?? (つД`)ノ

Hmm I’m not sure I’m the foremost authority on collaborative writing but I do recall when Nico and I were writing our super-homosexual masterpiece “Sunshine and Rainbows” we had a lot of epic AIM chats that went into the wee hours of the morning where we excitedly hashed out character traits and plot points together. (Come to think of it, that was really fun and I miss it…LET’S WRITE MORE GAY TEEN DRAMA, NICO.) I think our ultimate plan was to take turns drawing pages (using a script we basically co-wrote line-by-line on chat), but of course we only got like five pages in before our attention drifted elsewhere…. If you’re trying to turn out a reasonably cohesive finished product I would suggest doing the pages in chunks (i.e. you do pages 1 - 10, she (she?) does pages 11 - 20, or you do chapter one, she does chapter two). If you don’t have a good enough rapport going to come to an agreement on how to divide the work…then maybe you should reconsider doing a collaboration together. :|

Another good option might be to do two separate comics in the same universe, so using the same characters and setting but having two different stories (i.e. I always loved what CLAMP did with Tsubasa and xxxHolic and I wish there were more series out there like that). Then you could design a universe together, but each have more freedom to write your own script and draw your own pictures without butting heads over every little detail.

Hm…anyway…seems like kind of lofty advice from someone who hasn’t drawn a comic in a few years…but then again I do have a BFA in Cartooning that cost me six figures so hopefully I’m at least qualified to give advice via tumblr asks…god knows it hasn’t proven useful for much else yet…heheheheh….

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